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10 Reasons Why I Love Blogging
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10 Reasons Why I Love Blogging

If you’ve ever wanted to create something that makes you feel, well different? Maybe you feel like you are part of some sort of secret society when it comes to blogging? I can say with certainty that it’s just one of those things, you don’t get until you do it. I’m a bit obsessed with blogging and the blogs that I write for. I absolutely love it…

There are people who look at me and think I’m nuts that I spend so much of my time sitting in-front of my computer and standing in my kitchen creating recipes, the people that I know who live outside of the blogosphere, think there is no way in hell that I could possibly make a career out of it…or even have my blog be considered a job. For the people who voyeur my website or follow me on Facebook or Twitter, know how much I absolutely enjoy being on-line. But, the other day I was told that I was wasting my time and should just get a normal job, go back to cooking on a regular basis.

This person basically told me that what I’m doing was “a great way to pass the time”, but that it will never amount to more than that. After I calmed down, I pretty much realized that when people try and cut you down, it’s because they are unhappy with their own lives, and it makes them feel better to pretend that what you are doing is not as great as it sounds. For the record, it is. It’s just as awesome as I make it out to be.

As bloggers, we know that blogging is the BEST JOB EVER…and here are 10 reasons why:

1It may take some time, but if you are dedicated and treat your blog as your job, it does eventually pay off. I’m making a nice little salary for myself now from IAMCHEFAPPLE, GASTRO CRITIC, FOODISGOOD, EAT CANNA, etc. I’m also getting some pretty cool swag from these blogs, and that ladies and gents you can’t put a price on that. I can’t stress enough… STICK WITH IT!! Always see your blog as a stepping stone.

2I have the BEST co-workers in the world. I worked in restaurants where I hated, yes HATED the people that I worked with and I am not a person who hates easily, but I hated these people. Now, I work in my home office and with a few select people that help me put together the greatness of IAMCHEFAPPLE, GASTRO CRITIC and FOODISGOOD, EAT CANNA, etc. I love the solitude of creating something that impacts on others and having the option of working with people that I actually like.

3The morning stroll can’t be beat, I wake up, through on my sweats and walk to the closest Starbucks, get my obligatory grande coffee, walk back to my flat and start my day.


4With that said, you can’t beat the office dress code. I’ve worked in boxers and tee-shirt, pyjamas and when I’ve completely lost my mind, swim trunks for my indoor kiddie pool — (yes the same one posted above in a bigger pool)

5If I feel like going on a vacay… I can take my computer with me and still keep my posts coming.

6I’m not much of a want to be around people and when I do, I feel obligated to. By being on-line, I find myself more social and so do my friends.

7I sit in an air conditioned office for most of the time. I’m not standing in a 100 degree hot-ass kitchen having to yell at line cooks who are hungover while working.


8I can take three-hour lunch breaks, which I normally do. I can set my own hours. Hallelujah!

9As a blogger, never forget how many people you help on a daily basis with the content you provide. By sharing our challenges, struggles, and achievements with others, we have the ability to connect with other people going through the same things. Sometimes just hearing someone else’s story is enough to make any obstacle seem a whole lot easier to conquer. And to any of you who think that your blog is small and hasn’t reached or touched anyone, you are wrong. You never know who is reading your blog, and you never know whose life you made a little bit easier with your posts.

10They say that if you are doing something you love, you will never work a day in your life. And that is how I feel about blogging.


An Executive Chef with a love for all things food and technology. Chef Apple-Elgatha speaks regularly about the importance of Social Media and Food, Food Photography, Social Media and Your Business' Survival, Finding Your Online Voice, Protect Your Business from Yelpers and everything pertaining to Social Media, Online Presence and the Food&Beverage Industry. The Founder & CEO of Digital Food & Beverage which covers - FoodFolly, Gastro Critic, DrinkFolly and --- She travels extensively 300 days out of the year Splitting her time, between San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York City, Nassau, The Bahamas and Paris. She currently lives in Miami Beach, with her(Rescued) dog Praline and two cats Mrs. Claire Beauchamp and Mr. Eli Pickles.

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