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My Life List
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My Life List

So, I’m working on a life list. I hate the word bucket, so bucket list is definitely out of the question. These are things that I would like to do before I pass this life here on earth. Some of them may make sense, some of them may not. But, at the end of the day, it’s my Life List, so bite my crack. I suggest you make one. It’s pretty liberating, you either set yourself up to fail or you give yourself challenges to keep pushing forward to. Either way, it’s everything that you should want to do or have happen.

  1. Find the greatest love of my life
  2. Get a psychic reading done
  3. Become conversational in another language
  4. Get married barefoot to someone I actually LOVE
  5. Learn about Feng Shui
  6. Be able to walk a mile without wanting to pass out after a few steps
  7. Lose 50 pounds 
  8. Visit Yosemite National Park and all the National Tourist stuff that “normal” people do
  9. Go To Las Vegas
  10. Speak in-front of a large crowd
  11. Align my Chakras
  12. Own a house
  13. Visit every continent (North America, Europe, Asia, South America, Africa, Australia)
  14. Compete in the Amazing Race
  15. Go on a cruise
  16. Finish my damn cookbook
  17. Hike the Grand Canyon (this probably won’t happen, until I get in better shape)
  18. Send someone flowers
  19. Take silly pictures in a photo booth
  20. Run with the bulls in Spain (once again, not until I get in better shape)
  21. Milk a cow
  22. Move to Miami
  23. Swim with dolphins
  24. Take one photograph everyday for a year
  25. Explore a jungle
  26. Swim with Humpback whales
  27. Skydive
  28. Go cross-country on a motorcycle and feed homeless people at Soup Kitchens
  29. Be an extra in a movie or a television show
  30. Go backpacking/camping for at least one month
  31. Give birth to or adopt a child
  32. Visit Belize, Costa Rica, Rio, Ecuador, Chile
  33.  Sit with a Silver Back Gorilla in a jungle
  34. Get naked on a nude beach
  35. Read 50 books in one year
  36. Visit all of my Facebook and Twitter friends
  37. Drive through a tollbooth and pay for myself and the car behind me
  38. Go to Starbucks and pay for everyone in the line (Aventura, FL)
  39. Walk on a glacier
  40. Visit a city whose name I have to learn to pronounce
  41. Send out a photo holiday card
  42. Own a Coffee Shop – Caffeine Monkey
  43. Own a Nightclub – Red Square
  44. Own  a Restaurant – Good Food is Life
  45. Buy something for each of my parents that they couldn’t afford on their own
  46. Leave a $100 tip for a breakfast waitress
  47. Watch the sunrise at the beach
  48. Stay in an Ice Hotel
  49. Regularly practice yoga for an entire year, at least once per week
  50. Have a picnic
  51. Go to a major music festival
  52. Stay at a spa for an entire weekend
  53. Attend a school reunion
  54. Rescue a dog
  55. Get a reality show on TV
  56. Meet ten blog friends in person
  57. Buy coffee for me and someone behind me
  58. Visit a different city once a month for a year
  59. Visit a different country once a year for five years
  60. Tour the White House
  61. Go To San Diego, CA
  62. Move to San Diego, CA
  63. See the Hollywood Sign
  64. See Beverly Hills
  65. Stand in a submarine
  66. Take a dance lesson with Danielle Polanco
  67. See the Aurora Borealis
  68. Go wine tasting in Napa Valley
  69. Visit Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe
  70. Enroll in Full Sail University
  71. Graduate from Full Sail University
  72. Send one handwritten card or letter per week for a year
  73. Learn how to ski and/or snowboard
  74. Go white water rafting on the Colorado River
  75. Travel alone
  76. Give twenty “just because” gifts to twenty different people in the same week
  77. Spend Christmas on a beach
  78. Buy the perfect little black dress
  79. Go camping with three other bloggers
  80. Get a fourth and fifth tattoo
  81. Make homemade jam
  82. Learn to Scuba Dive
  83. Run a 5K race, a 10K race, and a half marathon
  84. Visit the Galapagos Islands
  85. Do more than 2 push-ups without passing out
  86. Have sex on a train
  87. Swim in the Dead Sea
  88. Attend a white tie event
  89. Go canoeing
  90. Ride a jet ski
  91. Get my picture in a major newspaper
  92. Be able to complete five pull-ups in a row
  93. Host a five-course dinner party for 8 people
  94. Rappel off a 100 foot building
  95. Go to the Olympics, the Oscars, the Grammys, the Superbowl
  96. Stay out all night dancing
  97. Go on Safari in Africa
  98. Spend a month as a vegetarian
  99. Swim with sharks
  100. Bake a French baguette from scratch
  101. Do volunteer work in five different countries
  102. Hike a volcano
  103. Take my nieces on vacation
  104. Become a private pilot of a Cessna
  105. Fly a kite
  106. Write a personal manifesto
  107. Teach a class
  108. Fly in a helicopter
  109. Fly in a hot air balloon
  110. Have black & white boudoir style photos taken of myself
  111. Show up at the airport with my bag and passport- take the first available flight
  112. Show up at Amtrak and just go
  113. Eat BBQ in Memphis
  114. Teach sushi
  115. Watch 50 Oscar winning movies
  116. Tour a brewery and a winery
  117. Party my ass off for Mardi-Gras
  118. Visit a tea plantation
  119. Meet the Editor in Chief of three magazines
  120. Get drunk on a bus
  121. Meet my God-father (Walter Palmer)
  122. Have lunch with Ina Garten
  123. Drink vodka with Chelsea Handler
  124. Raise $20,000 in one month for a single charity
  125. Contribute to setting or breaking a world record
  126. Follow my heart to love
  127. Try a ridiculously bizarre job for a week
  128. Attend a food festival
  129. Attend an EDM Conference
  130. Move to a new city on a whim
  131. Visit a Redwood forest
  132. Take a flying trapeze class
  133. Teach another person how to parallel park
  134. Meet authentic Aborigines
  135. Learn Golf
  136. Ride a bike drunk
  137. Take a photo at the equator, with one foot in each hemisphere
  138. Go to Burning Man
  139. Try acupuncture
  140. Randomly email 10 writers or bloggers that I love, but have never met
  141. Learn to make donuts from scratch
  142. Live in an apartment/house with a hot tub
  143. Learn to make bagels from scratch
  144. Record my Uncle Robbie ranting and raving about our goddam family
  145. Sing a song at the top of my lungs Facebook and Twitter
  146. Write a romance novel
  147. Sing at Karaoke, sober
  148. Quit smoking
  149. Quit drinking
  150. Dance drunk on a table
  151. Ride a camel
  152. Own my own business
  153. Compete in a triathalon
  154. Write a short film script
  155. Film and Direct a short film
  156. Write a full script

An Executive Chef with a love for all things food and technology. Chef Apple-Elgatha speaks regularly about the importance of Social Media and Food, Food Photography, Social Media and Your Business' Survival, Finding Your Online Voice, Protect Your Business from Yelpers and everything pertaining to Social Media, Online Presence and the Food&Beverage Industry. The Founder & CEO of Digital Food & Beverage which covers - FoodFolly, Gastro Critic, DrinkFolly and --- She travels extensively 300 days out of the year Splitting her time, between San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York City, Nassau, The Bahamas and Paris. She currently lives in Miami Beach, with her(Rescued) dog Praline and two cats Mrs. Claire Beauchamp and Mr. Eli Pickles.

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