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The Coolest Church I've Seen As Of Yet
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The Coolest Church I’ve Seen As Of Yet

There’s this church a few blocks away from where I live – Mount Vernon Place United Methodist Church and Asbury House – It happens to be the oldest gothic building in Maryland and blows my mind every time I pass by it. You see, I’m a huge architecture buff – one of those people that walks around, mouth open in complete amazement at the beauty of what (we) humans have the ability to create, when we are not totally destroying everything else, this Church, fits the bill. It’s just AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL!

Here’s a bit of history about this structure:

In 1971 Mount Vernon Place United Methodist Church and Asbury House was listed on the National Register of Historic Places. This church, was designed by Thomas Dixon, a Baltimore architect and built in the Norman-Gothic style and was completed in 1872. The cool thing about this church is, it is built of blocks of a unique metabasalt, a green-toned Maryland fieldstone, with brownstone ornamentation – that alone makes it a pretty unique structure. Another cool note is that it features three spires.

This Mount Vernon Place United Methodist Church should not be confused with another church of the same name in Washington, DC, which served as the national representative congregation for the Methodist Episcopal Church, South from 1850 to 1939. A little known fact about the area where this church stands, is that President Abraham Lincoln stayed at a house across the street where he delivered a speech a week before he was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth and Marylander. Talk about irony.



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